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This morning we were involved in husband and wife activities.


At the beginning, she played a little game she has done in the past a few times.

"What if I don't let you?"

In the past, I usually shrugged that off, but not in a dominant way, usually in a playful manner, and it has never resulted in no happyfuntime.

I would usually say something along the lines of "I have never had an unsatisfied customer" or "I prefer willing participants".

This time I said, in a rather growly way whilst burying her head in my quite well developed pecs...

"Then I'm just gonna take what I want"

At this point, I almost couldn't believe that came out of my mouth. I didn't stop, but my mind was, did I just do that?

Her response FLOORED me.

"I think I would like that. A LOT"

Holy crap. This manosphere stuff isn't 50% bullshit after all.

Maybe only 25%.

The fact that she wants the OLD me, the guy that had her as #2 in a soft harem 13 years ago, rather than the guy I figured made more sense with 2 young kids...

Good lord.

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    rock and roll baby! 

    You better seal the deal before she thinks you're not real!
  • JimDawgJimDawg Posts: 527Member
    @WastedYouth would it have worked 2 years ago? I mean regardless of whether you would have thought it would work at the time.
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    @AWACS ; It would be nicer to want to want to.
  • SerenitySerenity Posts: 10,680Senior Moderator**

    LOL @AWACS I think I might still be in that first category.

  • SerenitySerenity Posts: 10,680Senior Moderator**
    Oh, all right, smarty pants.  :P
  • KarKar USAPosts: 733Silver Member
    Serenity said:
    @AWACS ; It would be nicer to want to want to.

    You will. But I hope Captain takes you one way or the other and doesn't worry about it.
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    edited December 2012

    My whole body is trying to tell him to ravish me but I cannot tell him to because than I will not want sex because than it will not be him ravishing me but him PRETENDING to ravish me.

    All I can say is, women....8-}

  • IfOnlyIfOnly Posts: 622Silver Member
    Serenity said:

    Last Night.

    Me:  I don't want to.

    Him:  I don't care.

    I had a similar exchange with my wife a few weeks ago.

    Her: I'm not interested.
    Me: I didn't ask.
    Her: Well, I at least have to be willing.

    I didn't have any response for that, and it basically ended there.
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    You can see where wishing to be ravished "against" your will puts your men in an awfully bad place, right?  They have to take you without consent (otherwise known as "rape") by somehow reading your mind and knowing that this is what you want.

    So agree. And your body telling him to ravish you?? Weari.g what a ponytail and sweats? Bullshit.

    Every woman here who has been with their man for six months knows the one thing to put on that says Fuck me.
    My wife comes down in a certain white t shirt and I will rip out the IV and life support to get at her. history. She once put it on by accident to go gardening. I almost had it ripped off before my son came down to see what all the screaming was about.

    If you want him to take you im sure there are jokes gestures code words cloths thst only the two of you know that says ITS ON.

    The qiestion is can YOU tame YOUR hampster long enough to put on the magic t sbirt.

    Sometimes I think the women doth protest too much.
  • horsemanhorseman Posts: 1,212Member
    Yea this t shirt is magic. Its anti gravity. Gives a fifty year old DD the perkiness of Gretchen.

    Sorry gotta go and text something dirty to my wife before I explode.
  • horsemanhorseman Posts: 1,212Member
    Yea just thinking about it works that well.
  • SerenitySerenity Posts: 10,680Senior Moderator**
    @horseman ; Hypothetically speaking, where would a woman go to find said magic t-shirt?
    horseman said:
    Yea this t shirt is magic. Its anti gravity. Gives a fifty year old DD the perkiness of Gretchen. Sorry gotta go and text something dirty to my wife before I explode.

  • horsemanhorseman Posts: 1,212Member
    It only works for her. Everyone else its a $5 walmart special. But the combination of history and it does make her boobs magnificent cause its tight and so worn as to be almost see thru. Its not the item its the symbology.
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