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This morning we were involved in husband and wife activities.


At the beginning, she played a little game she has done in the past a few times.

"What if I don't let you?"

In the past, I usually shrugged that off, but not in a dominant way, usually in a playful manner, and it has never resulted in no happyfuntime.

I would usually say something along the lines of "I have never had an unsatisfied customer" or "I prefer willing participants".

This time I said, in a rather growly way whilst burying her head in my quite well developed pecs...

"Then I'm just gonna take what I want"

At this point, I almost couldn't believe that came out of my mouth. I didn't stop, but my mind was, did I just do that?

Her response FLOORED me.

"I think I would like that. A LOT"

Holy crap. This manosphere stuff isn't 50% bullshit after all.

Maybe only 25%.

The fact that she wants the OLD me, the guy that had her as #2 in a soft harem 13 years ago, rather than the guy I figured made more sense with 2 young kids...

Good lord.

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