Missionary Style

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You know, now that my MAP is in full swing and my wife is responding pretty well with somewhat vanilla missionary sex, I find that we're both pretty satisfied with our sex life. We're in equilibrium, and I find that I feel much more relaxed and enjoy my wife's company much more after about 6months of mapping.

Are there still periods (if you'll pardon the expression) of pussy drought? Sure. But every month gets just a little better and I adjust the alpha frame to my strengths, and things feel more natural and comfortable.

I find that she is in a default maybe mode, and it is incumbamt on me to make myself more attractive to her through the simple techniques in MMSLP, and it is working well. I feel like we are restarting our marriage with a new set of expectations and behaviors. It is refreshing and comforting. She has subconsciously bought in to the plan.

So, I just want to thank the forum for all the insight and advice. I said when starting the MAP last June that I would give it a year. If things didn't improve substantially, I would be looking for divorce attorneys by now. But things have improved substantially. And even if Mrs Jive did not suddenly turn into a high drive sex kitten, she has responded well enough for me to enjoy the fruits of my MAP and to save my family.

I'm not going away. This just seemed like a good time to thank my red pill buddies.

So Thank You!

All humans. This business of love. You have devoted much literature to it. Why do you build such a mystique around a simple biological function?
- KELINDA Star Trek TOS, "By any other name"
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    I applied for a missionary position once.

    Turned out it wasn't at all what I was expecting...

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