The Sex Hat Trick



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    I actually agree with you - Anal is over-rated. 
    How many guys feel this way, I wonder? And am I completely alone as a woman that thinks anal is awesome?
    The main reason men like anal is because it's super slutty of a women to be okay with it. Men like good frame from a woman too.
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    There are a lot of women that like it, one of the first sexy moves I learnt was how to double penetrate and massage the clit at the same time, drove every women I've been with wild and was always the gateway move before we got to anal.

    Personally I like it for these reasons and for the "She's my slut" sort of feeling that @gus mentions. 
    steu2817 said:
    CMH said:

    I think Beau likes it because it's tighter = feels good.  It has the connotation of being taboo and just the fact that I will let him into that naughty part of my body turns him on. This comes back to the general concept of my enthusiasm for sex with him is a huge turn on for him.

    This. I like it for the psychological reasons. Variety, taboo, naughty, her submission, little bit of pain I'm causing her, her response, etc.

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    Double post. Ignore.
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