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Born Tuesday:  Baby x1134x / @Hygenius 7 lbs 11 oz born via Cesarean Section.  (name too unique to divulge - our last name is very common.  A common first name would make him "John Smith"  I'll PM it to anyone interested.)  

Baby is 100% healthy, mom is recovering well.  Dad is shot.  Delirium tired.  You might not see me around here for a while. . .

Thanks @Athol_Kay.

Seriously.  Thank you.  I haven't cried happy tears in decades.  Thank you.  You didn't just help me fix my sex life.  You helped me fix my life.

Most women unwittingly ruin the sex as a reward by being so shitty in bed during the sex, that it becomes a form of punishment rather than a reward. - Athol Kay.
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    Thank you for the update and kind words.

     One Hour Call   12-Week Guided MAP

    "The turnaround is tremendous.  And I'm lifting weights, eating better, and tackling projects.  I have all this great energy without a vampire sucking my life force.  :)  He's a lot stronger standing on his own two feet, as well."  - Scarlet

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    congrats!!! how sweet.  Enjoy all the awesomeness of the first few weeks.  A good friend of mine has a 6 week old (their first), it's always fun to see people fall in love with being parents the first time around.  All the best to you and the missus and the little munchkin. 
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