FUN POLL: What's something you learned about the opposite gender here on the forum?

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Lots of heavy topics and discussions lately, so in lieu of Viking pics, I thought I'd start a poll of the silly, 'holy crap I didn't know that!' surprising stuff you've learned here about the other gender.

Here's a few of mine:
  • Guys pay far more attention to clothes than I ever imagined. Long hair I already knew about. Not clothes.
  • At the same time, after a few seconds they are mentally removing said clothing. I always feel the urge to cover myself whenever I remember that particular comment from @Ben.
  • Facials are not a jokey porn scene, but the epitome of loving acceptance of a man and his essence, his sperm. Learning this caused one of the most emotional, loving events in our four year relationship. Thanks again to @Linanati's husband for distilling tons of helpful comments down into something beautiful, and to her for sharing it.
  • Men really do love the little oddities and flaws that we so badly want to hide - freckles, red hair, tan skin, pale skin, that little mole you know where, pink nipples, brown nipples, large boobs, small boobs, that little birthmark on her hip.
  • A little peek of forbidden boob is even better than a full on flash.
  • Headlights - good. I will never get used to this one.
  • Most men love the taste and smell of a clean, healthy woman. (Telling her this is beyond hot.)
  • Men truly are only a whisper away from some kind of sexual thought almost 99% of the time. The biggest laugh I can get out of Cdr. Awesome is thinking of a sexual innuendo that he hasn't.
  • Men really do like feeling that they are protecting you. I always thought I was being helpful by not bothering him, trying to handle stuff on my own.
I'm sure I'll think of seventy-leven more as soon as I hit post. What are yours?

OK, OK ... just for @horseman:

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  • DaveBowmanDaveBowman Posts: 5,823Member

    Women's sex drive is highly response-driven, unlike men's who is always on. At least in my case.

  • DaveBowmanDaveBowman Posts: 5,823Member
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    99% of stuff women say they want is wrong, and this is why guys think they're so hard to figure out.

  • DaveBowmanDaveBowman Posts: 5,823Member

    Women lie to themselves, and each other, as a matter of course.

    This, in fact, is how modern society was formed.

  • DaveBowmanDaveBowman Posts: 5,823Member

    Many women are so afraid of how they are perceived by other women, that they'd rather be unhappy all their lives than be thought negatively of.

  • DaveBowmanDaveBowman Posts: 5,823Member

    Some women try so hard to be men, that they succeed. And hate themselves for it.

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    @DaveBowman's top 5, and especially what @Ben said.

    The latter point helped me finally to realize that feminism is pure ideology and, like Marxism, runs opposite human nature.
    "Why chase a girl that doesn't want to get caught?" - Don Draper
    "As long as you can get it up, I'll want it in." - Mrs. Saluki, just before marriage
    "I said that?!" - Mrs. Saluki 20 years later
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    ive thought about creating a thread like this as it's the main reason i browse the forum.

    my favorite thing is how naive women can be about the power they wield with their sexuality (i.e. that recent thread by froggy). srsly most problems you are having can be diffused this way (except re: the problem athol noted above).

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