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Let's get this category filled up a bit.

List some things that you have done that you might consider a DHV and then maybe others can find something in here that they could add to their repertoire.

I'll start...
This year I have taken over as President of our local youth football program, 1st-6th grades. Duties include, recruiting players and volunteers, ordering new jerseys and cheer uniforms (not as easy as one might think) finding and training suitable coaches etc..

The DHV came in on last Monday, before our first practice I held a meeting with parents, players and coaches were I layed out my expectations for their behavior on and off the field. The meeting went over smooth and the first week of practice has brought a lot of compliments my way in regards to how the program is being run. Some have also been told directly to my wife and then passed onto me.

I have noticed a distinct uptick in the amount of attention I get from my wife since this meeting.

Let's hear your examples.

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    I think mechanical skill is a tremendous DHV. @ozzy does all of our home and car repair. We have never needed a mechanic, a handyman, or any type of contractor, except very rarely when it was the sort of thing that he just didn't have time to do. He's been doing  these things for so long that I've gotten a bit spoiled, but I do still love watching him do this. He just intuitively knows how to fix anything and everything.  :x
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    liquid said:
    Here are some that my husband does-

    He's a cop and cleans his guns at the table where I can watch.
    When we put in a new bathroom and kitchen a few years ago, he did all the plumbing and electrical work.
    He paid cash for the renovations.
    And he paid off the mortgage a few months ago.
    He tells me "no" when necessary.
    He has a great mustache.

    Yeah a CHL is always a good thing too. ;)
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    mrsozzy said:

    Yeah a CHL is always a good thing too. ;)
  • mrsozzymrsozzy texasPosts: 1,948Gold Women
    liquid said:
    mrsozzy said:

    Yeah a CHL is always a good thing too. ;)
    Concealed handgun license
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    Demonstrating high value is showing her that I am a highly desirable person, yes? A valuable person is someone that we would give a lot to be with. Weapons skills demonstrate the ability to protect. Fixing stuff demonstrates the ability to provide. Performance skills demonstrate the ability to be fun. All high value qualities.
    Absolutely. But, on the performance skills...make sure you actually DO them.

    My husband can ice skate well, but I haven't seen him do it in years. Was a big DHV to me when we were dating. Now? Kind of a DLV that he never does it. No fun in something you never do.
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    I don't have a lot of time on my hands to do this so much these days but from time to time I have done a few gigs for friends at house parties and a relatives wedding.

    Its amazing how much your FO will stand right next to you when you are spinning and whipping the ladies on the dance-floor up into a frenzy with your beats. Its simply flirting using sound!

    Last time I did this wife was stuck to me like a leach in the afterwards as people kept coming up to compliment me on my skillz (including the ladies in da house).

    Its got to be something to do with control.....

    "The name's Captain...........Captain Awesome............but you can just call me Captain".

    Look good feel good, take no shit

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    High value is about context. If you're in a relationship, it's only high value if she actually values it.

    I'm an entrepreneur with two successful companies. Before that, I traveled the world in high-level corporate jobs. That was not high value to my ex-wife, whose top priority was volunteering at the church and making life about the "mission of the kingdom of God", beliefs I didn't share. (And she was a marathon runner, something which could be a DHV to some people, but I considered to be more self-indulgence.)

    Nor was it particularly high value to my next girlfriend, who appreciated that, but really was far more into my weekend race driving.

    The current girlfriend, OTOH, considers that very high value and has a love/hate with the race driving.

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    @Templar I'm doing a 5K warrior style mud obstacle course this weekend myself.

    I don't expect to do as well as you - my goal is to finish. Given my sports med doctor told me I should be walking in a cane that's enough.

    Signed up the wife too as a team event, kids are doing a shorter course earlier.

    Go team bowman, hells ya!

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    Go team bowman, hells ya!

    @DaveBowman These things are a blast! Biggest word of advice - besides have fun - is to TIE YOUR SHOES WELL! I was laughing at all of the people whose shoes were sucked off in all of the mud!
    You'll find the "dash part" will go by quick, as the obstacles completely draw your attention!
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