Naked and Afraid

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I've been watching this show on Discovery called Naked and Afraid with my wife. It's the PERFECT example of Red Pill at work. 

Basically, the producers take a man and a women, get them naked, and leave them in <wilderness location> for 21 days. They have to survive, and then make it to their extraction point. They've done Tanzanian Sergengeti, Costa Rican Jungle, Panama, an Island, and the Louisiana swamp. In the groups, the division of labor is immediate. In every episode except Tanzania, the woman actually ends up taking charge as the men DLV. Like crazy. Whining, complaining. One guy is worthless for about a week with a sunburn. Another guy drank bad water because he couldn't wait and actually had to quit. 

The only guy that actually performs well is the Tanzania guy. He takes charge immediately, respects his partner and her input (for the most part), doesn't get incapacitated, and leads. She trusts him to lead because he shows competence. Each person takes on their own role to be a functional group. This team actually did really well. My wife and I have had several conversations and wanting to be more like Tanzania Guy is something we agreed on. She even called out the DLV on some of the supposedly "manly" men.

Any of you seen this? Thoughts?

How would you fare? I think this show really tells us what our human ancestors priorities in mate selection would be.


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    I was watching last night.  I will admit that I don't think I'm alpha enough to wade through alligator and snake infested water with my junk exposed.  Don't think I would have whined and bitched about the cold water like he did though.
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    I think you're spot on about how poorly the men do in the mental game in that show.  They're all supposed to have had a lot of survival or wilderness training before they get out there.  Did no one ever tell these guys your state of mind is your most important asset away from civilization?  They turn into such whiny babies.
    I am amazed how these fellas just don't prioritize.  Some of them don't seem to think about food or fresh water at all for the first couple of days, and then they're too weak and distracted to succeed.  If it was me, that would be among the very first things I would figure out how to do.
    I have had some wilderness training, and I've been out on some really rough camping trips, but nothing like what those guys face.  I would like to think I would at least not turn into the puddle of crying goo that these guys do.
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    I will have to catch this one.

    This reminds me of a car fest I went to a couple of years back and we were camping.  There were probably 6 guys and 3 girls and I watched painfully as these two guys tried to get this barbecue alight. And it really was painful as they tried in vain to get it to take over and over and over again.

    In the end I politely said "want me to have a go"?  I then proceeded to stack the charcoal up in a nice little tower, get it going from the bottom and fan it.  Voila, one raging barbecue and 15 minutes later ready to ember down and cook.

    Man being able to get a barbecue going = DHV

    "The name's Captain...........Captain Awesome............but you can just call me Captain".

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    The extremes are more interesting than the middle. I don't think they're picking people that are horribly maladjusted though. In most cases, the guy really does man-up later in the show. 

    The one I think of is the island one. The guy gets sunburned day 1, and is a whiny bitch. Doesn't do anything to protect himself. His partner takes up the slack for like 6 days. By then his sunburn heals and he starts to behave better.

    The only one where they didn't finish, the guy decided to drink dirty water. That was epic stupid.
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    Seen them all and laughed my ass off everytime when the guy totally loses frame before the first sunrise.

  • maprunnr65355maprunnr65355 FloridaSilver Member Posts: 760

    I sure hope us Red Pillers would fare better.
  • maprunnr65355maprunnr65355 FloridaSilver Member Posts: 760
    My wife and I have actually had multiple conversations about the guys, and how they're just displaying massive low value.
  • PestyPesty Member Posts: 173


    I sure hope us Red Pillers would fare better.
    Don't need to be redpill to know id be fucking awesome. I was a cub scout from the get go and went all the way to eagle scout, I can make fire from two sticks and find water with the same branch.

    I would also spend the entire time naked if for no reason to get a tan on my balls.

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    edited August 2013
    Eagle Scouts represent. I am rusty.

    I live in Florida, and it didn't take me 3 damn days to start a fire with sticks. With 100% humidity no less.
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