Toy Review: G4 Big Boss from Fun Factory

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My wife and I (okay, it's been all me) have purchased quite a few toys. I figured, why not offer some reviews for toys that we like using as a couple so that all that money spent can help my fellow MAPpers. If it's okay with @Athol_Kay, I will do one of these each month. Otherwise, expect to see this thread deleted!

I am in no way affiliated with any if these toy makers or companies.

The G4 Big Boss looked a little intimidating when I saw it. But I also knew that my wife has an above average size, and lo and behold, this thing is a hit. It has a lot of settings and speeds, but my wife prefers maximum vibration. All if the vibration is at the base, so if you are using it for fast penetration, you won't notice the vibration so much. The vibration intensity is extreme and the noise level is low (although it hardly matters given her noise level when it is in use). It is of above average length and girth, so is larger than me. Women should not be of smaller width and expect to enjoy this thing.

Usage: We typically use it when I've completed but she still wants to have fun. She doesn't enjoy using it alone, but to have me thrust it at speeds she cannot enjoy given the angle. Because if it's size (girth) it hits pretty much everything for her. As long as she lets go, this guarantees a very wet ending for her and requires washing of the sheets immediately.

My enjoyment: 3/5; Hers: 6/5.

This is all TMI and she'd be embarrassed if she knew I was posting this, but an anonymous forum seems like a safe place to review a product like this including experience.

Post your comments and questions below!
It's good beta.


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    Your lack of comments is making me think it is a huge mistake do these reviews!
    It's good beta.
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    I think we're all a little weirded out by the super-giant artificial penis, if you want the truth.  
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    It's just a toy! And it's one that has worked well for us. Maybe I should have chosen a more universally known and already appreciated toy to start with.

    It is big, but it isn't that much bigger than an average guy by percentage.
    It's good beta.
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    If I let you do review thread, then I have to let everyone do review threads, then the forum turns into a spamfest within three months and I spend the next six months trying to repair things.

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