The King Must Die: Why being the Alpha is a bad thing

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There seems to be a lot of questions about whether a certain activity is alpha or beta, with the clear implication that beta activities are bad. One of the great things about MMSL is that it recognizes that beta has it's place. A lot of men are starting from being too beta so it makes sense that cutting beta moves and upping the alpha is a good place to start. Get in better shape, stop taking shit, etc. but do not lose site of the fact that being entirely alpha is not a great thing. In nature (and in human history) successful alpha males rise quickly, have lots of children, and die young at the hands of the upcoming alphas. So enough alpha to keep the reptillian part of your spouses brain engaged but enough beta for stability otherwise you'll end up like old Mapogo here (hopefully in a metaphorical sense).

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    You gotta admire the old bastard though.  Took four of those young bucks to bring him down.  To the very end, he'd jump up and they'd jump back.  Kinda reminds me of my old male German Shepherd, but of course he's got Mama Bear to protect him lol.  
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    Yeah. I think there's a lot of romanticism in being the top dog but the reality isn't pretty.

    It's my main issue with evo-psych. It's proponents tend to focus on the positive things (being aggressive gets you laid) while ignoring the reasons why we've developed societies (it also leads to a lot of blood shed).
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    This is an animal sub section of being alpha called being the dominant male. So yeah, if you go around trying to be top dog putting others down at work, in the bar, in the gym you'll bump up against someone stronger and smarter. For me being alpha is about being the best person i can be and taking charge of my life. Succeeding in work, leading my family in a positive manner and being a man my wife can respect.

    I'm secure in the fact that the young buck at the gym is physically stronger then me...besides, humans solved this type of domination years ago with the rule of law, property rights and prisons. 

    Being Alpha is a good thing, being beta is a good thing too. Being omega is a bad thing.
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