10 Foods That Are Destroying Your Libido

John3John3 SeattleSilver Member Posts: 1,394
The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
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And miles to go before I sleep.


  • VerethragnaVerethragna USAGold Men Zen Garden Posts: 1,616
    @John 3 most of what she, author, is talking about are the hormones in the food not the food itself.
  • TiberiusTiberius Silver Member Posts: 336
    I'm pretty skeptical that its that low.
  • bigred0721bigred0721 Austin TXSilver Member Posts: 125
    But the author of that article is a yoga instructor and personal trainer. She must know everything!
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  • John3John3 SeattleSilver Member Posts: 1,394
    The ones I found interesting are soda and artificial sweetener...since I drink loads of both.  I would have liked it better if she had quoted sources and had something scientific as a reference. 
    The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.
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  • EinManEinMan Silver Member Posts: 638
    I didn't have the patience to click through all 10 pages, but this is one of those areas where everyone has an opinion and no one knows for sure. I eat quite a bit of soy and worried about what I had read.  aparently, it has plant estrogen.  But we can't know if it increases or decreses testosterone, since it's all on a feedback loop.  When you increase your testosterone, it can increase your estrogen, so it's unknown what eating soy and such things does.

    Since I started lifting, I am like a 20yo. I don't know if it's psychological or not (but who cares). 
  • Maitre_PingouinMaitre_Pingouin France (near Paris)Silver Member Posts: 87
    About red meat and cheese : those are not the real problem, because the problem are the hormones and antibiotics inside those.
    That's why in France, american beef has been forbidden for a long time.
  • TemplarTemplar WashingtonSilver Member Posts: 3,362
    Tiberius said:
    I'm pretty skeptical that its that low.
    It has been investigated in numerous studies. Believe it or not, it is the truth. Problem is, there is so much crap and misinformation pushed to the public, that must people have heard some of these myths their whole life so they will not believe the scientifically provable truth. The hormones in meat do not "build up in your system." That's the hormone analogs in plastics you are probably thinking of, @SimpleGirl

    @Maitre_Pingouin, see my earlier comments
  • TemplarTemplar WashingtonSilver Member Posts: 3,362
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    To add just a different angle to the hormone residue, think of it this way, many of the guys on testosterone therapy need weekly injections to keep the rollercoaster hormone fluctuations from happening, i.e. with more than 7 days between injections, many men bottom out on testosterone. Most drugs for livestock for human consumption have withdrawal times - that means it is illegal to administer the drug within a certain time frame of slaughter.
  • sephseph MDSilver Member Posts: 29
    I like to think of articles like this as the Internet "information" equivalent of junk food.

    The author gives me no impression or credentials that she has the slightest clue what she's talking about.  The information itself sounds dubious, too.

    [Deleted User]TemplarOnMyWaytim
  • Maitre_PingouinMaitre_Pingouin France (near Paris)Silver Member Posts: 87
    @Templar : I have seen what you say countless time, and it does not satisfy me. There are also other studies saying there are consequences ( http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/03067310701597293#.Uufsz_tKE-U ).
    About Antibiotics, yes, there are laws, which does not mean laws are enough.
    We both know there is just money behind this, and I don't trust people who try get money from me.

    The truth is that maybe it has no effects as you say.
    But maybe the "estrogens" we find in beef are not the same in a non pregnant woman, and there are different kind of estrogens, and I'm not a woman so a woman production of estrogen does not interest me.

    As Dale Carnegie says "you can't win an argument".
    I'm not trying to convince you, and you won't be able to convince me, because I won't bet my health on what you say.
    It would take more than one expert (and long studies of consequences over 2 or 3 generations) to convince me that it's safe.
    It's called the precautionary principle.

    The truth is, in my case, that the article posted by the OP is just a random shit put there by someone I don't know.
    And I'm used to get my beef from an organic farm near my home (it's yummy...) ;)
    [Deleted User]Otter
  • TemplarTemplar WashingtonSilver Member Posts: 3,362
    That's fine - being a science guy and knowing the animal husbandry as well, I am content in knowing what I say is correct.
    BTW, I can't access that article, as I am not a paid member to it. As such, can't evaluate the methodology or conclusions. Further, as the studies were performed in China (according to the preview page) where food safety is a farce compared to the US and Europe.

    Anyway, eat what you like - and enjoy!
  • Maitre_PingouinMaitre_Pingouin France (near Paris)Silver Member Posts: 87
    edited January 2014
    Don't focus on the article I sent, I found it on the Internet and have not read it either.
    But it's just one among many.
    I'm a science guy too, my wife and my sister are engineers and have worked on cattle, and so on...
    That's just it : when science people don't agree, I prefer being cautious and stay on what has proved to work in the past.

    It's like MMSL : it's old stuff we tend to forget and that can be used safely.

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